Project Brief:

Delivery, unpack, positioning and boltdown of 160 new TTW ATMs, plinths and facias, including removal of old ATMs, where applicable.

Project Timeframe:

Six Months – Reduced to three months at the request of the client.

Project Delivery:

The rollout was initially scheduled to take place over a six month period however, due to related technical issues implementation was delayed. The final, scheduled delivery date however, could not be extended. As a result the rollout had to be delivered in half the time. Due to the last minute delay in the rollout, resources had to be re-employed whilst additional resources and crews had to be trained to ensure that the final mile deliveries were completed within the new three month window. Network managed the whole process and ensured additional crews were trained and equipment purchased to ensure that the rollout could proceed when the green light was given. Crews worked seven days a week during normal working hours and outside normal working hours to ensure that the rollout was completed on time. This involved daily planning and co-ordination between Tech Move Solutions and other contractors on site.

Project Outcome:

Crews successfully installed all ATMs including the removal of old ATMs in the revised three month deadline. The company maintained the high service quality for all other customers throughout this process.