Project Brief:

External, out of hours relocation of data storage hardware (racks and servers).

Project Timeframe:

4 hours

Project Delivery:

Removal, labelling, packaging and transportation of equipment out of hours (9pm) on a Friday evening to a new secure site. Due to sensitivity of the equipment and data, extreme care and attention was needed to ensure the successful movement of all equipment. Crews commenced by placing metal spreader plates on the floor from the Comms Room to the lift area. In addition, protective packaging was placed inside the lift on the floor and walls.

De-populated servers were packed in anti-static bubblewrap and placed in secure flight cases. A number of populated racks were removed from the Comms Room and down two steps by fully trained crews using stair-walkers. All equipment was wheeled from the rear of the building to the front where the lifts were located. All equipment was brought to the first floor via the lift with the exception of one rack that had to be stair-walked down the stairs due to a height restriction.

For security reasons the equipment was placed on two vehicles and transported safely to the new facility. A contingency plan required Tech Move Solution crews to wait on site for 2hrs after the final positioning of equipment. Crews were also placed On-Call as part of the contingency planning until 5pm the following day (Sat).

Project Delivery:

All equipment was safely and securely moved and positioned within the 4hr timeframe. We were informed at 6am that there was no requirement for crews to remain On-Call until 5pm as all equipment had been successfully powered up and was operating successfully.