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Project Brief:

Delivery and positioning of large UPS System including 136 pallets of batteries, with restricted access.

Project Timeframe:

One week.

Project Delivery:

Positioning of 8 large UPS’ on to the 2nd floor of the building, 4 to the front and 4 to the rear with no access between each section. Crews had to complete a site induction and could only work on site if in possession of a Safepass, which all Tech Move Solutions crews have. Each unit had to be positioned in a restricted space and placed on top of a 50cms plinth. Due to the space issues and the weight of the units +1500kgs each, a 2t fork-lift was needed to position the units on to the plinth. To get the fork-lift and the units into the building they had to be secured and placed on to an external scaffold and brought in to the switch room. Each unit had to be strategically positioned and the crew had to work from the back of the plinth to the front. All equipment had to be secured and made safe at the end of each evening. The same procedure for positioning the equipment was employed at both locations i.e. crane, scaffolding, forks.

Project Outcome:

All UPS’ and batteries were positioned, ready for commissioning and all packaging removed from site.