Project Brief:

Removal of all I.T. Equipment (racks, storage, power, desktops) prior to the closure of a Dublin datacentre. Secure transportation and on-site positioning within a new datacentre outside Dublin.

Project Timeframe:

Two weeks.

Project Delivery:

Due to the large number of HP clients this relocation required detailed project management and planning to meet the differing and unique needs of each client for the movement of their equipment from their suites within the facility. Regular meetings were held in the weeks prior to the commencement of the project and daily meetings during the project. A Project Manager and Team Leader worked closely with all of the stake holders to ensure that their needs and requirements were met in full.

Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment, timing and security were paramount. Scheduled shut downs both within and out of hours were implemented and Tech Move Solution crews had defined times to remove and pack equipment. All packed equipment had to be safely loaded on to satellite tracked vehicles and transported directly to the new datacentre facility where the equipment was unpacked and positioned. Such was the value and sensitivity of some of the equipment that route planning from site to site was agreed in advance. Security personnel escorted our vehicles whilst at the same time the vehicles were tracked from an off-site location to ensure that the agreed route plan was adhered to. Tech Move Solution crews also provided decommissioning services include the dismantling of dealer desks and re-installation of them at the new facility.

Project Outcome:

From the movement of equipment for the first client to the last the project was completed with the agreed scope and timeframe. All equipment was safely and securely moved, positioned and powered up with zero downtime for our customer or their clients.