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Project Brief:

Delivery and positioning of UPS Systems into twelve external, purpose built, 40ft shipping containers. Four systems were to be positioned within each container, each system consisted of three cabinets and there were four containers positioned on three levels. A total of 16 systems per floor / 48 cabinets in total.

Project Timeframe:

One Month.

Project Delivery:

Due to the restricted nature of the access this delivery required meticulous planning. The containers were positioned outside and stacked on top of each other. Access into each container was via ladder up to a restricted metal balcony with a grill floor. A 100t crane had to be positioned in the carpark, outside the perimeter of the containers. Due to underground tanks, the positioning of the crane in the correct location was vital. When the equipment was lifted, it had to the placed at the end of each metal balcony. Crews had to plate out the floor to allow movement of the UPS across the metal grill. Inside each container there was a 50cm plinth positioning against each wall. Each plinth was made up of four sections with a small divide between each. Our crews constructed external platforms outside each container which extended into the container and up to the plinth. Once the cabinets were brought to the door of the container they had to be raised using two high lift pallet trucks and placed on to the constructed platform. The units were then manoeuvred into the container and on to the plinth. At this stage they had to be moved down the plinth, across the divides (bridged by metal plates) to their final position. This process had to be repeated 48 times over three floors.

Project Outcome:

Because of site and access restrictions, the delivery was extremely difficult. However, the positioning was executed in the professional manner expected of Tech Move Solutions and our dedicated, expert crews. The customer stated that, he “had no doubts that the project would be a complete success, left in the capable hands of Tech Move Solutions”.