Project Brief:

External relocation of the School of Pharmacy from an off-campus location, to the main University campus. Equipment being relocated includedp; sophisticated, delicate and extremely expensive scientific instruments, glassware and laboratory apparatus.

Project Timeframe:

One Week.

Project Delivery:

A detailed site survey was carried out a number of weeks in advance of the relocations and a Method Statement was produced and presented to the customer. Agreed timeframes and project plan were put in place in advance of the start date. Crews arrived on site two days in advance of the move and commenced packing all equipment to ensure safe and secure transportation. All equipment was labelled to specific labs and office locations. Vehicles and specialist moving equipment were scheduled and a co-ordinated relocation commenced.

Equipment was received at the new on-campus location and crews commenced to deliver and position the equipment to various floors within the facility and to their specific final on-site locations. Larger equipment was bench mounted whilst a number of items that would not fit in to lifts were stair-walked through the new building.

Project Outcome:

The success of the external relocation was captured in the comments received from the Director of the School who stated, “The entire process was managed superbly, with efficiency and extreme attention to detail especially given the complexity of dealing with four University Departments”.