Project Brief:

Packaging and co-ordinated removal of 144 populated I.T. Racks plus 2940 Loose Servers and miscellaneous equipment from Datacentre in London, England and safe / secure transportation to datacentre in Dublin, Ireland.


Project Timeframe:

One Week.


Project Delivery:

Due to restricted access to the central London datacentre and the requirement to work with and around other service providers it was essential that a project plan was established, monitored daily and implemented. Tech Move Solution's crews were on-site in advance of the collections to undertake the packaging of all equipment prior to the scheduled and timed arrival of box-bodied vehicles with air-ride suspension, internal load lock and tail-lifts. The vehicles were operated by our trained drivers and all equipment was loaded and secured within the vehicles for transportation to Ireland. All vehicles were remotely monitored via satellite tracking during the transportation process. Due to the volume of equipment, staggered collections were implemented to ensure that there was minimum disruption to the daily activities in the datacentre.


Project Outcome:

Due to the dedication and experience of our crews and the close monitoring and project management of the move requirements, all equipment was secured and removed from London, exported to Ireland and delivered / positioned in our customer’s new datacentre in Dublin within the agreed timeframe of one week.