Tech Move Solutions provides excellence and expertise to companies within the Telecoms industry. The knowledge that we have gained in twenty years of assisting companies in this fast moving and ever changing industry is invaluable in delivering solutions for one off projects or multiple site installations. We have a proven track record in the delivery of complex fixed wire / wireless projects and the delivery and positioning of high value, delicate and sensitive equipment into locations as varied as Telecom Exchanges, Rooftops, Mountain Tops and Secure Sites. Industry specific, timed services are essential in most, if not all deliveries. Our fleet of vehicles combined with our dedicated crews ensure that all requirements are met in full. This service is supported by other areas of expertise including:

Our specialist fleet of vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking, air-ride suspension, tail-lift, internal load-lock, packaging equipment and specialist handling. We provide 'end to end' solutions. Delivery services are backed up by the use of Hi-Abs, 4x4 vehicles and Cranes where required. Consignments can be collected directly from our customers in Ireland or imported from overseas suppliers via our logistics arm, Network International. Experienced crews will deliver to site, unpack and position equipment at point of use within the delivery location.

To provide you with peace of mind and to allow you to concentrate on your core activities, TechMove Solutions Project Management provide a quality, seamless service, designed to keep your business operating as normal through the implementation phase.

Aligned to the day to day delivery and on-site positioning of equipment, our staff and crews are experienced in the provision of roll-out services. Such services are designed and tailored for specific projects with defined timelines. Tech Move Solutions provides a high degree of flexibility to our customers thus enabling them to operate normally through the project roll-out..

In advance of deliveries our customers can avail of our pre delivery Site Survey service. A trained surveyor will examine the job requirements on site and will in turn make recommendations advising on the best route for the equipment to travel. This service is closely linked to other service options such as RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statements).

Health and Safety is a priority within any organisation. Combined with the safe delivery and collection of equipment , Risk Assessments provide a vital part of the H&S process to ensure the safety of existing staff on site and external crews working on site for a relatively short period of time. Tech Move Solutions will complete site specific Risk Assessments following the completion of the Site Survey.

This service is closely linked to Site Surveys and Risk Assessment. It completes the suite of services combined to ensure that the Health and Safety of all staff. Delivery methods are clearly identified and signed off prior to the commencement of any work.

In addition to the delivery and installation of equipment, we also provide internal and external relocation services for the movement of equipment. Relocation services can also be assisted through our in-house specialist packaging and logistics services. External relocations involving the movement of equipment between countries is delivered via our European Technical Distribution Network (TecDis).

We provide Secure Storage for both new and used equipment on a short term or long term basis. Related services include, PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection), loading of data / software, stock control / inventory management, crating and packing.

It is a legal requirement that any company using or producing electrical and electronic equipment takes responsibility for the recycling and disposal of this equipment. Tech Move Solutions provides, collection and certified waste disposal in conjunction with the WEEE directive.